Polar Bears

Hello everyone,

You may be thrilled or bored but I have decided to write a new blog!

If you haven’t already you may still read my blog about the hospitality/trade school I hope to open in Kalabo, Zambia, Africa at medwoman.wordpress.com. in 2015′.

This blog will be about Polar Bears. (I know, I am going from Hot to Cold.)

Some of the information is happy & cute, but some is not so happy.

My goal here is to educate as many as I can about how we can reverse ” Global Warming” and save the polar bears.

Especially children! I hope there will still be polar bears in 20 years time so they may actually see a real one.

There are only 25,000 left in our world.

So…I have written a book. You may read the book at medwoman.wordpress.com. It is called Arctic Footprints-Renu the polar bear, Stepping out of the Past.

I just found out yesterday there are only 25,000 lions left in Africa as well so that may be my next children’s book. I hope to step out of the past and change the way we treat our planet.

I woke up the morning of November 13, 2010 with this idea in my head and wrote a poem about Renu. The idea was; They have the Will to Live, they are Lucky to be alive, so lets help Renew the Species, hence the names of the polar bears in the poem.

If we could build a floating raft out of light weight recycled plastic to look like an ice break it may save a polar bears life.
They die of exhaustion trying to swim to a solid surface and there are many documented photos of them swimming in the middle of the ocean.

We could put a cave on the raft for protection from the elements and a stinky fish head bait bag to attract them to the raft. Once they eat the fish there will be a seal skin cover underneath, and when they chew through that, they access a fresh water holding tank in the bottom of the raft to drink from.
If we are seeing aerial views of these bears swimming, then there must be
planes or helicopters taking the pictures. A helicopter could drop one of these rafts near
the swimming bear and hopefully he would swim to it.

I know it sounds far fetched, but I have already priced having a raft built and it would only cost about $3000.00. The most expensive part would be the helicopter. I hope to get scientists on board to make this a reality. If I can save even just one bear it would be worth it.

While doing some research on the subject I found there is quite a following on https://getsatisfaction.com/WWF/topics/polar_bears_and_artificial_islands where World Wildlife Fund staff answers questions about the Polar Bear situation.

Thanks to:

www.cwf-fcf.org Canadian Wildlife Federation

Magazines “Canadian Wildlife” and “Wild” (For kids of all ages)

www.polarbearsinternational.org, Polar Bears International.

Macleans magazine, February 20,2012 issue.

With the proceeds of the sale of this book I am hoping to open a Polar Bear Rescue Centre in northern Canada to dispatch these rafts and find ways to ensure that polar bears continue to live and hopefully thrive.

This centre will create jobs, awareness and education for generations to come.

To learn how to reduce your carbon footprint:

www.squidoo.com/carbon-footprint-2 , 101 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

www.davidsuzuki.org The David Suzuki Foundation, search carbon footprint.

You may reach Joanne by email polarartificialislands@bell.net if you would like to contribute to help build these islands or purchase a book.

Thank you for your support!



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